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  5. "Dove vivono?"

"Dove vivono?"

Translation:Where do they live?

February 9, 2014



I thought that "abitare" was more often used when asking about a residence?


You are right, but I think this sentence is instead asking about a place where they live. A question about living in a residence would be something like, 'do you live in a house or in an apartment?' Then, I would think abitare would be used. Perhaps I am right on this, but not 100% sure ..

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AFAIK "dove abitano" and "dove vivono" are synonyms: "Vivi/Abiti in una casa o in un appartamento?", "Vivo/Abito in un appartamento" sound both natural to me.


Almost right but not. Because 'vivo' and 'habito' are not always synonyms. it depends on what is been said. 'io vivo' can also mean (I'am alive). so, if you say : 'Io vivo per sempre' = (I live forever) but you can not say 'Io habito per sempre' to mean that. Just like in English if you say 'I live in Italy' and 'I live forever' the word 'live' will be having a different functionality. BUT THAT doesn't happen with the word 'abito' which always require a place a 'habitat'.

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Of course. What I really mean is that there's no difference between 'io abito qui' and 'io vivo qui', which I believe is the question asked above.


could it also be translated to 'where do you live?', like if you address someone in a formal way? or would you need to explicitly use the lei?


Lol, I put in Dove divono and it counted it correct..


Where they live, and as long you're answering questions - when do they die? Mwa-ha-ha-ha! ;)


My choice of words did not include "do" as in where "do" they live, or I missed it?


My understanding of the other sentences we've had using the two verbs is that "vivere" means "to live through" or "to survive" - which means it really shouldn't be used here for "Where do they live?" but does work for "HOW do they live (survive, make a living)?" - rather "abitare" which means "to dwell or inhabit" - I have reported it, but we'll see if the admins fix it or have a different explanation for us.


Please explain the difference between Dove and Dov'è


Dovè where. Dov'è where is..


Dov'è is a combination of Dove and è, used when è comes after Dove i think


Aaron. I understand this now. But in the answer I gave I had used dov'e. ...abbitiamo....or something with a. Vowel and it didn't accept it.


Does anyone else think the lady speaking speaks far too quietly? Even with my laptop's volume as loud as it can go, I still have a hard time understanding her.


My classical Latin class is really messing with my head. Dowe wiwono!


Dove vivono? .....Nemde?


Did anyone else say it in their creepiest voice


I got marked wrong for using stay instead of live. Wouldn't stay also be right?

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