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No sound with the Vietnamese???

Why is there no sound with the Vietnamese? This language definitely requires certain phonics.

September 12, 2016



They really need to add an ability to donate $$ to support your favorite language -- it would go faster if we can pay people to help eh


I work around the problem with Googe translate.


It's a shame because Vietnamese has a really complicated sound system, so hearing how it sounds is even more vital than usual. I wish there was audio for the individual words especially, although I understand why it doesn't have that yet.


Yeah it is kinda sad....and it makes it a lot harder to learn a language when you don't know how to say anything :/


They are working on it. The budget was just enough to cover 50-60% of the course's audio. We have to be patient... =)


and 3 years later, still no audio


One year had past since you asked this question, and the problem is still not solved


Agreed, this makes the course kind of useless ... if you are really motivated you could use the EuroTalk app for the basics, then do Vietnamese. I'm unfortunately NOT really motivated, so I won't be learning Vietnamese any time soon.


You get what you pay for eh? I found a good app on iOS that I'm going to use. $10 and it sounds excellent for a beginner.


of course it have sound but the sound is the combination of the sound like a,â,ă,e,ê,i,o,ô,ơ,u,ư,y. Like flower is hOA, love is YÊU,... sometimes it in combination of a,â,ă,... with one or two in the letter like c,ch,n,ng,g,gh,k,kh,... you should find out more about it. Translate this: Chúc may mắn

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