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  5. "Tú eres mujer."

"Tú eres mujer."

Traducción:Nde ha'e kuña.

September 12, 2016

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No la entendi mucho pero me gusto la orasión


Para escribir de Guarani al Castellano se ofrece el uso de letras no-estandard. Se deberian ofrecer las mismas letras cuando se escribe de Guarani al Castellano (por eso hacen falta las enyes y los tildes en mis oraciones)

When writing from Guarani to Castilian ("Spanish") special characters/letters are offered. No such characters/letters are offered when writing from Castilian ("Spanish"); but they should be. (As they are also not offered here, my above sentences are lacking in enyes and accents)


If this help you, you can change your phone keyboard to spanish. Go to "settings", "languages and types", "manage languages", and search for "spanish" Español (US) or Español (ES) (there is not much difference between them). Unfortunately there are no characters for the Guaraní language, but you can google the ones you need, remember they are the ones with a "hat" like a curve above. They are NOT these: āâ, ē-ê, ī-î, ō-ô, ū-û. The correct ones are: ã-ẽ-ĩ-õ-ũ-ỹ. I Hope I've helped you :)


Por qué "Nde ha'e kuña." y no "Nde ha'e peteî kuña." ?


Porque el peteî creo que significa "una"


Porque si usaba peteî, su traducción sería, Tú eres una mujer


Por que peteî significa (uno)

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