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"Itt nyolcvannyolc szakács főz."

Translation:Eighty-eight cooks are cooking here.

September 12, 2016



Chef is commonly used un english and sounds better than " cooks cook here"


I don't like the "cooks cook" either. But a chef is not the same as a cook.


I said "eight eight cooks are cooking here," and it was marked wrong. I didn't hyphenate any of the other ones and they were marked correct :/


I think if you are off by a letter they give it to you. And hyphens don't count. So in theory you were off by the letter y.


No. A chef is not the same as a cook. One is someone who just cooks/prepares food. The other also organizes menus, staff, etc. A chef is way more qualified than a cook (who will often work under a chef).


I’m tempted to make a ‘triggered’ meme about the number 88. Well, if your next sentence has ‘14’ that’s just asking for it.

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