External API

Does (or will) DuoLingo offer an external API so that I could extract my data/useage for analytical purposes?

February 9, 2014


Hey wyeager84- This isn't a priority right now, but might be one in the future. We're a small team working on a lot of new things. :)

Would love to see this feature too. Even if only getting access to our activity logs.

I'd also really like this feature. It would be great if we could have some json like api just to access the info on the leader board. Personally I want to graph my friends weekly progress vs mine, but I'm sure people could do other creative things if this info was available via an api.

Same here. Would be nice to be able to extract the words for review as well. What would also be interesting, would be to see what times I do the best, morning or evenings? When do I lose the most hearts (I know this is legacy, still interesting).

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