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"We write ourselves notes when we want to remember things."

Translation:אנחנו כותבים לעצמנו פתקים כשאנחנו רוצים לזכור דברים.

September 12, 2016



I put the words לעצמנו and פתקים in the reverse order. Should that matter? "We write notes to ourselves" is the same as "we write ourselves notes".


I don't know if in English there is a grammatical preference for one of these sentences over the other, but in Hebrew "...פתקים לעצמנו..." is grammatically incorrect

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Why do you think that
" אנחנו כותבים פתקים לעצמנו "
is grammatically incorrect?


It sounds a little bit off, though i'm not sure if it is an actual mistake. But native speakers might say פתקים לעצמו and that wouldn't matter that much.


It might sound off to a native speaker but I don't think it is grammatically incorrect.


Notes can also be translated as הערות. "אנחנו כותבים לעצמנו הערות כשאנחנו רוצים לזכור דברים"


Yes, הֶעָרָה "a remark" is more abstract, i.e the content of the note, you can make it verbally too. הֶעָרָה is etymologically a sort of "upwaker", which is a nice concept. With פֶּ֫תֶק you imagine more a slip of paper with writing on it. Both the writing and the object are "a note", I guess.

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