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  5. "אני בוכָה מאושֶר."

"אני בוכָה מאושֶר."

Translation:I am crying of happiness.

September 12, 2016



Anyone else think the English sentence is not proper?

I propose "I am happily crying" or "joyfully crying". It would be more literal and I think be better English.

Let me know.


I'd say "happily/joyfully" crying is בוכה באושר, I'm not sure how to accurately and idiomatically translate אני בוכה מאושר. It means I am crying because I'm happy, out of happiness.


I would say "crying with joy", but I don't know if that's too far from the Hebrew.


It's actually closest idiomatically, so I think it should be fine.


It allows "crying with joy" :)


I am crying tears of joy.


Yeah, the two examples you gave are more how we say them. The sentence they have would be better as one of the ones you mentioned. However, at least they could change it to "I am crying from happiness", as it would be more literal and make a little more sense in English.


"From happiness" works, of happiness doesn't.


DL accepts "I am crying from happiness." In spite of people not liking that sentence very much in English, it's the best direct translation considering that mem = from. Obviously, there are better ways to say this, such as "I'm crying because I'm happy."


In the word choices given to us, "FROM" doesn't appear. You have to pick OF. Which makes no sense in English.


Thank goodness my answer 'I'm crying out of joy' was accepted as correct, because the given answer 'I am crying of happiness' is so stilted in English as to be incorrect.


This is not idiomatic English. The proper preposition to use here is "with," not "of."


I am crying with happiness is a better translation


This is not a real English sentence


If we said "I am crying of happiness," which we don't, it would mean "I am crying about happiness." The English idioms are "these are tears of joy" or "I am crying tears of joy," depending on whether the listener already knows that you are crying. If you don't want to mention tears, "I am crying from happiness" or "I am crying out of happiness" would be ok. We do say "a cry of joy," "a cry of pain," and so forth, but in those contexts "a cry" means "a shout."


I am crying from happiness, not of happiness


Should be I'm crying from happiness


אֲנִי בּוֹכָה מֵאֹשֶׁר


As far as I know you cry FOR joy not OF joy


Crying for joy sounds OK, but nobody would ever say crying for happiness, any more than we'd say crying of happiness - unless you're Duolingo. In the UK at least, crying with happiness is the option which sounds right and conveys the meaning adequately.


You could say "crying WITH happiness" or "crying with joy," but NEVER in English would someone say "crying of happiness." I put down "I am crying because of happiness" because at least, though awkward, it came somewhat close to what is meant, and isn't incorrect English. Your translation is poor English and no native English speaker would ever say it.

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