"You see a small one."

Translation:Egy kicsit látsz.

September 12, 2016

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Can you also say "kicsit látsz"?


This sentence can also mean something like "You can see a bit"

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    That's what I thought it means. For "small one" should be "Egy kicsiket látsz" or "Látsz egy kicsiket", as this more obviously means "a small one" and isn't confused with "You can see a little(bit)". To me "Egy kicsit látsz" to mean "You see a small one" seems wholly wrong, but I'm not a native speaker so what do I know!


    "egy kicsiket" won't work because that would be plural mixed with singular. On the other hand, "egy kicsikét" (diminutive) wouldn't really help to distinguish.

    [deactivated user]

      Ha, you're right. I stand corrected. "kicsiket"="little ones"/"small ones", vs. "kicsikét"="little one" vs. "kicsit"="a bit" but also "little one" (I just have to get used to it, but I don't wannuuu xD)


      Te egy kicsit látsz?or Te egy alacsonyat látsz?why the second sentence is not good? little-kicsi, small-alacsony.Right?


      I try to remember that "alacsony" has to do with vertical height (more like a short building) and "kicsi" has to do with volume/quantity (a little milk). Anyone please correct me if this is not right. Then there is also "rövid" which has to so with a small length (a short trip).

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