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"The kindergarten teacher is having lunch and sneezes."

Translation:Az óvónő ebédel és tüsszent.

September 12, 2016



Havent seen or heard about man working in hu kindergardens


This has been bugging me! Same as titkarnö. Seems like óvótanar is a possibility?


titkár is perfectly fine if you just want to say secretary. If the gender is relevant and the secretary is a woman, you can use titkárnő ( means woman). However, this doesn't work for óvónő, as óvó means protective or protecting. The male equivalent here is óvóbácsi (bácsi means uncle). Unfortunately, the Hungarian Duolingo course's example sentences are full of stereotypes (secretaries and kindergarten teachers always being women are not the only examples) -- and pointing this out usually will get you down votes.


"Kindergarten teacher" is gender neutral in English, why is it "óvónö" in Hungarian?


"Óvóbácsi" is very rare, "óvodapedagógus" is too formal, so in practice "óvónő" is the most probable translation.


Still, óvóbácsi should be accepted as a correct answer


Ezeket a szerencsétlen óvónős példamondatokat le kellene már cserélni.

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