"Where have you been?"

Translation:Πού έχεις πάει;

September 12, 2016

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The literal translation of the Greek sentence is "Where have you gone." Is there a better way to say "Where have you been?" in Greek?


The problem here is that you cannot use είμαι: it does not form all the tenses [the only available options are είμαι (present), ήμουν (past continuous) and θα είμαι (future)]. You have to use the verb πάω/πηγαίνω, which gives a better translation of this English phrase.


In Cyprus we used to say Πού είσαι; if we hadn't seen them a while and wanted to know where they had been. Its probably very slang and not gramatically correct and might not be used in Greece so any Greek speakers from Greece be great to get your input


This is used in Greece too. :)


I wrote "Πού έχετε πάει" and was told I had a typo - because I had an accent on "Που" - ???


What about πού έχεις γίνει - ? I think I've heard Greek friends say that. I'm off tomorrow to the Greek island for a fortnight, so I can ask them. I'll be back here mid-March - see you all then. Γειά σας!

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