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"Nem a főnökhöz sétálok oda, hanem Évához és Katihoz."

Translation:I am not walking over to the boss, but to Éva and Kati.

September 12, 2016



over, there, towards. please some consistency is required. Here again there is a random choice and we HAVE to remember the author's choice or spend unnecessary time to redo the exercise over and over.


Agree, usually it's 'there' maybe 'over there' but here only 'over' is accepted. doesn't give us much of a chance, as you say unless we remember the author's choice each time.


'there' is accepted now, it must have been an issue on their part.


Just write it down, or it will make you crazy!


I am not walking over to the manager, but to Eva and Kati. Why was this rejected????

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