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  5. "Nós vemos pássaros."

"Nós vemos pássaros."

Translation:We see birds.

February 5, 2013



Why are words that are listed in the meaning drop down not accepted? I put "We watch birds." Is there a different way of saying it to differentiate from watch and see?


I'm pretty sure it is just as simple as this. Seeing a bird is different than taking the time to watch a bird. This sentence is just referring to seeing a bird, it is different than watching. Portuguese speakers in this post have already said that they would not use the term "watching" to describe the activity of Birdwatching :p


I see a bird = eu vejo um pássaro

I watch a bird = eu observo um pássaro

"Ao abrir a janela eu vi um pássaro na árvore"

"Achei aquele pássaro tão bonito que fiquei observando-o (or, informally, observando ele) por vários minutos"


It's hard to understand the context of this. I was thinking "We watch birds." as in bird watching...? (looking at/paying attention to birds as a hobby)


I put nos vimos passaros. Does that mean we saw birds?


Would vemos have anything to do qith go or 'vem'?


These are two very similar verbs, with differnt meaning.

ver (to see):

  • eu vejo
  • tu vês
  • você/ele/ela vê
  • nós vemos
  • vós vedes
  • vocês/eles/elas veem

vir (to come):

  • eu venho
  • tu véns
  • você/ele/ela vem
  • nós vimos
  • vós vindes
  • vocês/eles/elas vêm
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