"Nós vemos pássaros."

Translation:We see birds.

February 5, 2013

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Why are words that are listed in the meaning drop down not accepted? I put "We watch birds." Is there a different way of saying it to differentiate from watch and see?


I'm pretty sure it is just as simple as this. Seeing a bird is different than taking the time to watch a bird. This sentence is just referring to seeing a bird, it is different than watching. Portuguese speakers in this post have already said that they would not use the term "watching" to describe the activity of Birdwatching :p


I see a bird = eu vejo um pássaro

I watch a bird = eu observo um pássaro

"Ao abrir a janela eu vi um pássaro na árvore"

"Achei aquele pássaro tão bonito que fiquei observando-o (or, informally, observando ele) por vários minutos"


It's hard to understand the context of this. I was thinking "We watch birds." as in bird watching...? (looking at/paying attention to birds as a hobby)


I put nos vimos passaros. Does that mean we saw birds?


I still don´t get it. It is called birdwatching. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Birdwatching for a reason, is there something lost in translation then?


Well if you click the Portuguese tab in Wikipedia, that translates as "Observação de aves"


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Would vemos have anything to do qith go or 'vem'?


These are two very similar verbs, with differnt meaning.

ver (to see):

  • eu vejo
  • tu vês
  • você/ele/ela vê
  • nós vemos
  • vós vedes
  • vocês/eles/elas veem

vir (to come):

  • eu venho
  • tu véns
  • você/ele/ela vem
  • nós vimos
  • vós vindes
  • vocês/eles/elas vêm
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