"Which desk is the old Italian chair standing by?"

Translation:Melyik íróasztalnál áll a régi olasz szék?

September 12, 2016

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Is it just me, or is the word "standing" (for a chair) a little unnatural-sounding in English?


It is not just you, there are many comments going on on the topic at various places. Hungarian likes to use "áll" when English would simply use "is" or "are". A note on the usage: when that something could be considered to be in a standing position, you can use "áll". For example: a cow, a car, a vase, a cupboard, a horse, a building, a chair, a tree, you get the idea. Don't use it for a carpet or a curtain. Unless they are standing rolled up in the corner.

So, this is just a small mistake in translation or, shall we say, a literal translation.


Melyik íróasztal áll a régi olasz szék mellett?


melyik iróasztal mellett áll a régi olasz szék ????

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