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  5. "Κρέας ή ψάρι;"

"Κρέας ή ψάρι;"

Translation:Meat or fish?

September 12, 2016



What is she saying when one hovers over the η? It sounds something like η το τομους.


She says ήττα τόνος which means "eeta with accent".


Thanks! I heard "η ποτόμοις" ("the drunk one" with bad grammar?) so I was very confused.


How are we supposed to distinguish between ή and η in spoken language?


ή is accented and the phrase is heard as "Κρέας ή ψάρι" whereas η is not and is actually heard as "Κρέας ηψάρι;" which would make no sense to say η ψάρι because ψαρι is neuter, but you get the point. ;)


By guessing, depending on the context.

If it sounds like it's for a choice, it means "or."

If not, it means "the."


{Please note this sentence has been edited and is now correct, many thanks to @Hafizen for the heads up.}

η meaning "the" and ή meaning or do sound the same. But in this sentence η cannot be used as "the* because it is feminine, not neuter which would have been necessary here.

So, these are not only tests of your listening skills but also of grammar.

And anyway: which makes more sense? "meat and fish" or "meat the fish'? (not that we don't have some odd sentences on Duo, I'll admit)


Pardon the correction, dear Jaye, but did you not mean to state the opposite in the first sentence? As in:

ή (with accent mark) means "or" and η (without accent mark) means "the" do sound the same.



Wow, thanks so much. I've correct the error and hope it didn't cause anyone to get the wrong information. You are always so supportive and we are really grateful.


As with χ = chi Encyclopædia Britannica or wikipedia write η = eta, not "eeta".

https://www.britannica.com/topic/Greek-alphabet (like in air)



The (Ancient) Greek pronounciation differs from the Modern Greek one, so the names of the letters also sound a bit different.

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