September 12, 2016

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Are Greek letters necessary for the answer here?


Yes, Here's how to get them

HOW TO ADD THE GREEK ALPHABET TO YOUR KEYBOARD Here are some links to easily convert your keyboard to enable you to use both Latin and Greek characters as you need. We have found these easy to install and simple to use. For Windows


https://www.conversationexchange.com/resources/keyboard-language.php?lg=en ; https://billmounce.com/freegreekfont/unicode-windows

For Mac http://www.wikihow.com/Change-the-Keyboard-Language-of-a-Mac

Don't forget to read the Tips & Notes for more information including how to use Latin letters for the Greek.

Use the hover drop down hints. And of course, ask us if you have any other questions. Best of luck.


I've tried two browsers and both report they can't find a server at gr.transli.cc -- just so you know.


I'm sorry for being so late with this reply. Here is the correct link. http://gr.translit.cc/


how do you type in greek


Hello! You can find instructions and links on how to add a Greek keyboard both in this very discussion and in the Tips and notes in the first unit. Happy learning!


Doesn't Ἑλένη also mean torch, or is that only in Ancient Greek?


Ελένη is a Greek name (in ancient and modern Greek). It means "shining", "glorious" and it has to do with light.


It's my name (or my name is a variant, anyway :)), and I had understood from investigating the etymology that the original sense was "torch." Thanks for the clarification!


Ελένη is the name Helen!


what's the difference between each version of the word torch?


torch can be either a flashlight with batteries, or a light with a flame as in the Olympic torch. here firebrand is an archaic word. We will substitute it for something more practical.


how do you add the ' over the alpha? I tried to look it up but have yet to figure it out


I am assuming you have a Greek keyboard.

Ok, first you press the the semicolon key ; (on the right of the L) then the letter you want the accent ' on.

Look in the Tips & Notes for the ABC skill which has more information. Good luck.


thanks. this is coming to me surprisingly easy. and the added ' will be useful ^ω^


Can't type in Greek here don't know how to change my text board


Look on this page and you'll find a post that says: HOW TO ADD THE GREEK ALPHABET TO YOUR KEYBOARD

In fact read as much of the page as you can there is a lot of information.


I knew that torch is φακός. I am from Greece.


Well hi there. We on the team are also from Greece. Your contribution is appreciated and we look forward to others. Read the other comments on this page and you'll see that "ντουντούκα" is a particular kind of 'torch'. And the whole point is to teach the double consonant...NT ντ.... which is found in the word "ντουντούκα".


Isent δαδα dad?


No, "dad" in Greek is "μπαμπά" which is pronounced "baBA". δάδα is a torch a bit smaller than what is used at the Olympic games.


Γεια σας - νομίζω ότι και ο δαύλος και ο πυρσός σημαίνει 'torch', αν λέμε για αναμέννο κομμάτι από ξύλο ή κάτι τέτοιο. Επίσης, για τους Άγλλους - νομίζω! -είμαι Αμερικανίδα - ένα torch μπορεί να σημαίνει ένας ηλεκτρικός φακός. Ευχαριστώ πολύ για όλες τις προσπάθειές σας!


That's right. Those are other words for "torch" in Greek. What we have here is to acquaint learners with the Greek alphabet. The British word for "flashlight" is also "torch". Happy New Year and Happy learning on Duo.


I enjoy the discussion and hope it continues, as well as any other activities where we can exchange ideas and opinions

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