"The pancake is a stuffed fried pasta."

Translation:A palacsinta egy töltött sült tészta.

September 13, 2016

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"The pancake is a stuffed fried pasta" ... no. It's difficult to choose a good word for tészta here but "pasta" definitely isn't it. (For those who don't know, palacsinta is thin thing like a crepe, or blini. So it is made from batter, and then it is fried, and then it can be filled - spread with filling and then rolled up. "Stuffed fried pasta" utterly fails to convey this. The best filling, by the way, is túró.)


I vote for "dough" in general, or "batter" for pancakes. "Unfortunately" for our translators, all of those things are "tészta" in Hungarian. Dough, batter, pasta, spaghetti, ilyen tészta, olyan tészta, amolyan tészta.
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