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  5. "I want a date."

"I want a date."

Translation:Θέλω μία ημερομηνία.

September 13, 2016



this could also mean a romantic date. A ραντεβου­­


I had assumed it to be that meaning. Does it also apply to the fruit?


A date as in the fruit is ο χουρμάς.

That was a missing alternative; now you can also say Θέλω ένα χουρμά :)


Thanks. A useful phrase; I am rather partial to dates ☺


What I miss in this " time" chapter is actually a "time" exercises! Maybe a better name could be "dates or days"! Do we learn somewhere how to use time in Greek?


Are you asking along the lines of "What time is it" and "it's this time" because in Greek it's "Τι ώρα είναι;"(what time is it?) And a possible answer could be "είναι δύο η ώρα" (it's 2:00). For short hand in Greek you can also write it as είναι 2:00.


No I miss in Duolingo exercises to use any phrase about time. Are we getting to that later, or has Duolingo just forgetting about that?

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