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  5. "הקפה הזה חלש."

"הקפה הזה חלש."

Translation:This coffee is weak.

September 13, 2016



What's a weak coffee ?


Coffee that doesn't have a strong taste, either because it's diluted or the quality of the beans.


I am from the land of coffee, and I have never heard about that. We say something like dark or light coffee.


In English the correct translation is "weak." "Weak coffee" is a very common English phrase.


Are you from Ethiopia? :-)

I'm not a native English speaker, so I wouldn't know, I answered based on the Hebrew meaning. That said, strong/weak coffee do have a lot of results on Google..


No, I am from Southamerica. We say café claro (light coffee, or weak coffee), o café oscuro (dark coffee). But our coffee is different from international coffee. In each country they say it in a different way. Most people in the big cities prefer "café claro". But in "regiones cafeteras" (where coffee is grown) they prefer dark coffee.


Its not about where you're from when we say weak - having worked in coffee for years, this sentence, to my ears, could only refer to someone not having used enough coffee beans when brewing the coffee, i.e. the coffee was made wrong.


What you are referring to as cafe oscuro, etc. Is the type of roast. In English = light, medium, dark, bold, etc.


In comparison, weak vs strong coffee refers to the amount of water you add. If there is too much water, you'll get a weak cup of coffee.


Weak coffee is the strength of the brew, (water to bean ratio).
A better example (imho) s the opposite of weak coffee... Turkish coffee ( prepared how it's drunk in Turkey)... which is presented in American media as being too strong for most of our palates.
(And if this is true, I guess many Turkish coffee drinkers would say American coffee is too weak).


Thank you, Teri, I would have said that too. In Israel the choices I've seen are between Turkish and American-style coffees (our favorite comes from Poland, but it's American-style, meaning weak), pretty much. Here's a lingot.


We'd generally speak about light, (medium), and dark roasts, generally using weak and strong just how Gal said. I suppose one could associate certain roasts as tending to be weaker, as well.


זה קפה מגעיל!


Why is "This is weak coffee" wrong?


This is weak coffee = זה קפה חלש


haha LOOL I thought it meant the coffee was weak... literally...


זְכוּת הָאָדָם הָרִאשׁוֹנָה הִיא זְכוּת לְקַבֵּל קָפֶה טוֹב בַּבֹּוקֶר!

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