"A belga írók nagyon jók."

Translation:Belgian writers are very good.

September 13, 2016

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Why is "The Belgian writers....." wrong?


good question, I don't get it either.


I can't hear the "n" at the end of nagyon ... is this me, or the recording, or the language? To me, it kind of sounds like it becomes nagyó in this sentence? (Does "n" assimilate in pronunciation to "ny" before "j"? That might make it harder for me to hear.)


You know, there are several actual ways to say an "n". Think of the "n" in "long". It just happens naturally, you don't really say a "real" "n" there. It happens due to the sounds that surround it. The same thing is happening here.


It's maybe because the tone is in the beginning of the words in Hungarian, and the end is silent.


Yes, it's sort of like an assimilation. As vvsey noted, probably more velar than palatal, it doesn't quite sound like "ny" but still.


Really? Which Belgian writers are the most popular in Hungary?

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