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"זה לא בהכרח אומר שהוא שונא אותךְ."

Translation:This does not necessarily mean that he hates you.

September 13, 2016



the pronunciation of the word necessarily in hebrew was wrong. Geez.


What is wrong with בְּהֶכְרֵחַ [bhekhreakh]?


It is the correct pronunciation, not very widespread.


I wrote "It is not necessarily said that he hates you" Can someone explain why this is wrong?


Well, אוֹמֵר is active, "is said" passive. The meaning is quite similar, but you changed the construction.


Hi Ingeborg, if you would, can you please verify the following is correct?

The word הכרח is related to מוכרח and means "compulsion."

אני מוכרח להישאר בשקט כי הבטחתי לשמור סוד.

I am compelled to remain in silence because I promised to keep a secret.

זה לא בהכרח אומר שהוא שונא אותך.

This doesn't with compulsion say that he hates you. (So, it doesn't have to mean he hates you.)


Well, yes, exactly, the root כרח forms the Hiphil הִכְרִיחַ to compel, its passive הֻכְרַח to be compelled, its verbal noun הַכְרָחָה (the act of) compulsion and the substantivation of its bare infinitive הַכְרֵחַ as הֶכְרֵחַ the result of compelling, compulsion with vowel assimilation of the Patach to Segol because of the following Zeire. PS. You may pose questions to all readers, not only specifically me, they may also have worthy contributions.


Oh for sure. I just didn't see that much activity on this thread and figured the traffic was, therefore, pretty light. But, I knew you would definitely get an email! Thanks for this :D

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