"The bad kappa!"

Translation:το κακό κάππα!

September 13, 2016

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It would be very helpful if Duolingo would provide a Greek keyboard. So far I am resorting to copying and pasting letters from google, which is a very inefficient and frustrating process.


That is inefficient indeed. You can change your keybord configuration to greek: Go into the settings of your computer. There you choose the language section. When you choose "Add language", you get a menu from which you can choose out of all available languages. You can choose "Greek" then.

If you have done this, you will be able to switch back and forth between latin letters and greek letters. You can do so in the task section.

I hope this helps you, I can't be more precise here since I don't know what your native language or the system on your computer are.

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    to kako kappa was not accepted. I know the course is in beta so the transliteration needs to be fixed. Also the other language courses are not so strict with the accented letters. Polish & Hungarian for example will take a regular a or o for the letters in their alphabets with accents and diacritics.

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      Great and easy online transliteration tool for English letters to greek.

      But, please fix the transliteration so people can use the US keyboard. The other courses allow this. Thanks


      I don't have any diacriticals on the page to choose from


      Will duolingo provide a virtual keyboard or should I change my keyboard configuration?


      Can anybody tell me how I can type accents when my keyboard is configured to greek? Thanks in advance!


      right next to lambda there is an apostrophe looking symbol. Click that and then type whatever vowel you're looking for


      Wooow thaaaank you! That is tremendously helpful! Thank you very much!


      I am getting through the lessons by using copy/paste. It works even on the words they show as the translations. .




      my thoughts exactly.

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