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  5. "יש לכם כלי עבודה בבית?"

"יש לכם כלי עבודה בבית?"

Translation:Do you have work tools at home?

September 13, 2016



Translating כלי עבודה as "work tool" sounds very redundant in English. Like saying a "play toy". I am providing feedback that just "tool" should be accepted but I would be interested in hearing any other perspectives.


I totally agree :)


Isn't the word עבודה redundant then? We could just say כלי which i believe means tool or כלים which means tools


Well, as כֵּלִים is a rather broad term, it is often necessary to specify them. If someone asked me יֵשׁ לְךָ כֵּלִים בַּבַּ֫יִת, I would think he asked me about tableware, i.e. my dishes.


yesh lakhem clei avodah ba-bait


Can we distinguish "tools" from "tool"? If "כלי עבודה" means tools, how can we say "tool"?


Well, in the singular you have כְּלִי־ [kli], but in the plural כְּלֵי־ [kle(y)]!


I thought that כלי was the construct for of כלים.


Well, yes, in the singular you have כְּלִי tool, same form absolute and in construct, but in the plural כֵּלִים becomes כְּלֵי־.


If tools is -כלי, then why is there no -כלי in the sample sentence, with the hyphen? Is the hyphen optional?


Yes, the מַקֵּף, a special conjoiner of Hebrew orthography, is optional. It was used in the spelling of Biblical Hebrew to indicate loss or reduction of word stress, and is still used in texts by some authors in contemporanean Hebrew, but without being regulated. I use it consistently to indicate construct forms, according to the use in some dictionaries.


I said "in the house" and I got marked wrong. Correct phrase is "at home". In English those are the same thing.


Report it.

I would argue, though, that they are not the same in English, but should be accepted because in Hebrew both are written the same way.


I disagree. I'll say "it's in the house" meaning "at home". I suppose it depends on where I'm standing. If I'm outside my house, I'll say the former. If I'm at work, I'll say the latter.


Hmm, I thought by commenting on it I was reporting it. How do I report it?


After the exercise, next to the icon for comments there is a flag icon, used for reporting.

The moderators don't regularly go over the comments, they are meant for learners to help each other.

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