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  5. "The wood is very expensive."

"The wood is very expensive."

Translation:Το ξύλο είναι αρκετά ακριβό.

September 13, 2016



Why isn't this Το ξύλο είναι πολύ ακριβό?


It will be marked correct if you type that in.


"quite expensive" might be better?


"quite expensive" is already an accepted translation. When it's a matter of adjectives in a sentence without much context we try to include as many as possible...many have been suggested by the community. It is I think "safer" to have the main translation the most neutral one as here we see "very" but we also accept others.


I can't agree with your explaination, because quite expensive and very expensive is not the same. For my understanding the latter is rather like "too much", while quite means it is expensive, but I can accept it under some circumstances. Any way, for learners all those small differencies sould be explictely presented.


Το ξύλο είναι αρκετά ακριβό is a very awkward sentence for the The wood is very expensive. It translates better as The wood is expensive enough"


"enough" is a constant thorn in our side. If you say "enough" you have to compare it with something: "We had enough time to catch the train." means the "time" enabled us to catch the train. "We had a lot of time." is general. I usually give the meaning of "as much as is required". Here is one of my favorites: "We had a lot of chairs for the party but they were not enough, so many guests had to stand." Here's another from a composition: "When my grandmother had had enough children..." This means "as many children as required." :) So, on a course without much, or any context we need to keep it as simple and broad as possible. Thanks as always for your observations.


Το ξύλο είναι ακριβότατο was marked wrong


Added, sort of uncommon, however.


The literal translation being "The wood is most expensive"?


Hm, I'd say that the structure "most+adjective" in English conveys a meaning that is a bit stronger than "very", but it's not that far off.


Hate the distracting cartoons. How do they help learning?


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I believe I've mentioned this before. We, moderators, are here to create languages and to help learners understand those languages. We have no say in what the staff chooses to display, nor any way of changing it. Please use the Duolingo Help Link to reach the Duolingo Staff.

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