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I've made it this far to almost reach my 100 streak, before I thank the Duolingo family I have a couple of suggestions. Mainly for Polish which I am dedicating and surrounding my life with, I wonder if you can put on option in the course to only focus on speech or grammar. I mean everyone does the best they can but Duolingo is not just an app for me.. It's a family, and a family that we all have in common. LANGUAGES. Thank you all the Duolingo participates, This is just the beginning, but I thank you on my checkpoint. ~Tyrell

2 years ago

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Gratulacje, to nie lada wyczyn. Każdy kiedyś wyrasta z Duo, osobiście jeszcze tutaj trochę posiedzę bo uczę się norweskiego :) Powodzenia w dalszej nauce.

2 years ago
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