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spanish verb learning strategy, ideas please.

I have been using duolingo and michel thomas to learn spanish, duo for vocal and michel thomas to teach me the structure of the language. I have hit a bit of a wall. VERBS! michel has some great tips for conjugating the present tense REGULAR verbs, as there are little tips and tricks to conjugate them without memorising all the conjugations for every verb as the regular verbs in present tense all have similar endings that can be tagged on. So thats been step one.....regular verbs in the PRESENT tense. next I have been trying to memorise the conjugations for COMMON frequently used verbs like ir....which is essential for conversation. but i want to find a better strategy, sure for some of the common irregular verbs I am going to have to memorise boring conjugation tables but for general verb learning what should be my strategy??????

michel teaches the present tense first and that seems the most common first tense and I am getting daily good at conjugating those following his little tips, I can now using the tips conjugate almost any regular verb in present tense but now I have hit a wall, ideas anyone?

4 years ago