"Idén novemberben nem jön Péter."

Translation:Péter is not coming this November.

September 13, 2016



In this year November, Peter is not coming??

This doesn't seem like a proper English sentence to me.

I would suggest, "Peter is not coming this November."

September 13, 2016


Yes I agree, it is very poor English there are many better ways that the above sentence could be written but the words "this year" will need to be included

September 26, 2016


"This November Peter is not coming" should be accepted

November 15, 2018


Yes ,I agree too,may be there are so many ways for a better translation ,but we can not omit the main part of a sentence.I think in this sentence the main part is " in November this year". So my sentence should be accepted: Péter is not coming in November this year.

November 25, 2018


In this november?

March 25, 2019
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