"She does not see you."

Translation:Ő nem lát téged.

September 13, 2016



We are given the English first, so I believe we could also translate using plural you: " Ő nem lát titeket". Reported.

March 24, 2018


Why not the definite conjugation here?

September 13, 2016


Second and first person pronouns (engem, téged, minket, titeket) are grammatically indefinite objects. So the indefinite nem lát téged is correct.

Third person and "formal You" pronouns (őt, őket, magát, magukat, önt, önöket) are definite objects. So the formal version would be: Ő nem látja magát.

September 13, 2016


Now this is a good one, thank you! Deserves a lingot! :)
I will try to remember this explanation.

September 21, 2016
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