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  5. "Είδες την πισίνα τους;"

"Είδες την πισίνα τους;"

Translation:Did you see their swimming pool?

September 13, 2016



the voice does not at all rise at the end of the sentence. So I thought, that the sentence was affirmative.


I'm assuming you had this as a Listening exercise. We'll report it thank you.


Same here. The pronunciation does not indicate a question.


We have disabled this sentence as a Listening Exercise. If you had it as a Listening Exercise please get a screenshot and send it to us so we can get the tech team to remove it.


I like how relatively unchanged the word for "pool" is in just about all the Latin languages and now Greek!


What is the difference between "βλέπω" and "δώ"? In another lesson βλέπω was translated as I see or I look at and δώ also as I see.


It's the same irregular verb. "είδα, είδες" is past tense (αόριστος) of the verb "βλέπω" https://moderngreekverbs.com/blepo.html Βλέπω is usually translated as I see. I look is better translated as κοιτάζω (or κοιτάω, κοιτώ, all the same meaning)


Andreas is correct that those are two versions or tenses of the same word (although irregular), but to be more precise, the difference is βλέπω conveys a more open or ongoing feeling as in "I will see her every day" as opposed to δώ conveys a more closed feeling or a single event as in "I will see her tomorrow."

Hope this helps!

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