"You are not similar."

Translation:אתם לא דומים.

September 13, 2016

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I might not be the best Hebrew speaker, but shouldn't "אתה לא דומה" or "את לא דומה" be correct here as well? can this even work without context?


Similar to what? If it's aimed at a single person, then it's not a full sentence, whereas when it's aimed at two people, you're commenting on their likeness to one another, so it is a full sentence.


This makes sense to me, thanks for explaining :)


Maybe they are playing DOMINO...


Your correct.but there are exceptions.you singular are not similar is good for what you just put.but you plural are not similar is what they had in the sentence.grammar books are much needed


אתם דומים זה לזה. You are similar to each other. האם זה תרגום נכון?


Well, you can add זֶה לַזֶּה to add emphasis, but דוֹמִים by itself is sufficent in Hebrew to express that they resemble each other.


Thanks Ingeborg for the clarification. I was wondering the same thing as Xerostomus: because "you are not similar" in English suggests "You are not similar [to someone or something else]", whereas if it's "you are not similar to each other" it would be better in English to say "You are not alike." So, like Xerostomus, I thought of adding זה לזה for what Wikipedia calls "disambiguation".


Thanks, everyone, for bringing this up and discussing it. It means a lot to me and probably to many others that this has been clarified.


This is an opportunity to teach something but because there is no explanation then we don't benefit. The English sentence should "you (plural) are not similar." A little context might be to add "you both" or even "you three".

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