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The Letter Delta

I've been told many times that the letter Delta looks mostly like a little triangle, but I can't find anything like it using the Greek keyboard. What key is it?

September 13, 2016



The Tips and Notes section for the ABC skill lists the whole Greek alphabet along with some pronunciation rules.


δ Δ
Δ is the capital of δ

Grieks alfabet Α α alfa Ν ν nu Β β bèta Ξ ξ xi Γ γ gamma Ο ο omikron Δ δ delta Π π pi Ε ε epsilon Ρ ρ rho Ζ ζ zèta Σ σς sigma Η η èta Τ τ tau Θ θ thèta Υ υ ypsilon Ι ι iota Φ φ phi Κ κ kappa Χ χ chi Λ λ lambda Ψ ψ psi Μ μ mu Ω ω omega


In my keyboard it is the D

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