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  5. "Họ thích món gà và món cá."

"Họ thích món món cá."

Translation:They like chicken and fish.

September 13, 2016



I think 'they like chicken dish and fish dish' is grammatically incorrect. Wouldn't 'they like chicken dishes and fish dishes' be more grammatically correct?


100% agree, i hope this gets updated


Of course it would.


Món gà and món cá is right. But we can also say thịt gà or thịt cá. Món + animal is not popular. I think so.


I'm Vietnamese. I'm very good at Vietnamese so don't worry :)


The DL correct answer of They like chicken and fish gives no reference to dishes which the word mói implies. The other answer I seen They like chicken and fish dish is as PeterBui points out is grammatically incorrect. They like the chicken and fish dish / They like the chicken and the fish dish / They like chicken and fish dishes / They like chicken dishes and fish dishes are all grammatically correct English sentences.


Hi bác, I see that sentence what seems not use in real life. We rately use "món" with name of meat,vegetable,fruit,etc - It's quite strange. Like this món gà, món cá, món rau,etc. We use "món" for foods which has been processed. It's some examples :

  • When you say " món gà ", we will think maybe you don't know exactly name of food that was cooked with chicken or another context, we have many dishes the table consist Gà rán, Gà Luộc, Gà Xào Măng, Gà Rang Riềng , Gà Muối, Rau Luộc, Rau Xào, Rau hấp, Cá rán, Cá hấp bia, Gỏi cá,Chả cá Lã Vọng, etc. And you don't wanna tell all of them to me (maybe you don't know or you are lazy) , you can say " we have "món gà", "món rau", món cá", sir ".

  • You can say Gà luộc or Món gà luộc, Gà rán or Món Gà rán,etc . To be honest, "món" + name of food ,it's quite formal and polite


Chào cháu, đó là một câu trả lời xuất sắc. Cảm ơn rất nhìều.


That makes ‘món gà’ sound like ‘a chicken dish’ to me. Again, that's some dish featuring chicken, and I either don't know or don't care to tell you specifically which chicken dish.


I just played around with it some more and DL gave They like chicken and fishes dish as a correct answer - So wrong to use fishes in this context.


simple question...why is it món gà and not con gà??

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