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"Όποτε το αγόρι τρώει το κορίτσι πίνει."

Translation:Whenever the boy eats, the girl drinks.

September 13, 2016



Whenever the boy eats the girl, he drinks. LOL (The only correct translation of the Greek audio. Haven't reported it yet, it is just too funny.)


The Greek sentence should have comma, but we forgot it.

It should be Όποτε το αγόρι τρώει, το κορίτσι πίνει (Whenever the boy eats, the girl drinks), but without comma someone can understand that it means Whenever the boy eats the girl, (he) drinks, but we are not cannibals :p I removed the sentence and I will replace it with another one which includes comma.


Dude, you removed my favorite sentence!!! ;-D (I was wondering which one of you contributors was Hannibal Lecter.)


I did it by mistake :P

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