"Japán Kína mellett van."

Translation:Japan is next to China.

September 13, 2016

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Actually there is a distance of about 750 miles between China and Japan - stretching the meaning of "beside" a bit - and I don't think that we normally use "beside" when talking about the location of countries - maybe "next to" would be better, but untrue in this case.


Good point, however, they also told me that the kindergarten teacher flew inside through the window. So ya know...


why is 'japan is by china' wrong?


It sounds a bit odd to me when used with countries. But it is not necessarily wrong.


A guess, but maybe it sounds odd because "beside" is used with things that can be moved or can move; "next to" tends to be used for geographical features. In this case however, China is not next to Japan - even "near" might be a bit of a stretcher.


Actually, Japan is beside Korea.


I have been told that when you talk about a country it is always followed by "orszàg" : Japanorszàg Kinaorszàg mellett van isn't it correct ? other meaning ? Thanks


The countries that have ország at the end are mostly found in Europe, if that helps. I made a list the other day. :)

Saying "Kínaország" sounds like "Chinaland".


not always, these two are exceptional (among many others).

No logic there though, you need to memorize... sometimes the "ország" is added (like in svéd/Svédország (swede/Sweden)), sometimes the "i" suffix indicates that someone arrives from that country (koreai/Korea (korean/Korea), sometimes the "ia" suffix is used for the country (portugál/Portugália (portuguese/Portugal), and sometimes it's just weird and irregular (japán/Japán (japanese/Japan)


The phrase which would best translate this is "Japan is next to China on the map", IMHO


From the discussion below it would seem entirely prudent to amend both the Hungarian and the English. One current problem is that the current texts infer that proximity is a loose concept where the use of "mellett" is concerned. Clearly, that is not the case.

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