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  5. "שים את מד החום בפה!"

"שים את מד החום בפה!"

Translation:Put the thermometer in your mouth!

September 13, 2016



"Put the thermometer in the mouth" sounds really weird. In english you would say "put the thermometer in your mouth"


Composites of מַד־ -metre are often written together as the thermometre הַמַּדְחֹם or things like a מַדְגֶּ֫שֶׁם pluviometre.


Is that how they say it in Israel? And not בפה שלך?


Well, I think Hebrew is less obsessed than English to indicate possession, when speaking about body parts. The logic is: Whose mouth do you think you have to put the thermometre in? It is self-explanatory.

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