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That would be very very helpful if at anytime in any quiz we would be able to hear the pronunciation of every hebrews words by clicking them. It really slows my learning not being able to hear the words everytimes, repetition is the key.


September 13, 2016



The Hebrew course uses voice artists instead of a TTS engine because the available options for TTS weren't good enough.

Because they used voice artists, not every sentence has a recording, and individual words don't have recordings. Duolingo is aware that this is an issue, but the team can't actually do anything about it at the moment.

I highly recommend: http://www.memrise.com/course/1031737/hebrew-duolingo/ It's not ideal to need to supplement the course here heavily, but it's a workable solution that helps a great deal.


I'm curious why some of the sentences don't have any audio at all. Drives me crazy how often those will pop up to introduce a brand new word. Wish they'd at least give audio when seeing the word the first time (would be fine even if it was only in one conjugation, just no audio at all ugh).


Tzipity, to be honest, we had absolutely no hand in the audio recording. The only solution now is to use Memrise, we're working on something more viable.


Thanks. I understand. I have no idea how anything works behind the scenes but is there anyway to control what comes up in the lessons (like the first time you go through before the review part)? I guess that's what I was hoping might be able to be tweaked. Actually, for that matter, out of curiosity, does everyone get the same exact sentences in the lessons (I knwo there's always a lot more that pop up in reviews so there's a whole lot of stuff there that must've gone into every single lesson) or is it more random, like we all get the set of vocab for the lesson but they can appear in several different sentences? Does that even make sense, what I'm trying to ask, it's late so my brain is a bir fuzzy. ;) I was just curious. This is my first Duo course (been here since day one of the Hebrew release though, so high five to everyone who worked on this, I've always struggled with consistency) so I'm not very familiar with how things are done.


Do you repeat the sentences out loud as you study? Because in terms of repeatition I know it's not the same as hearing it but also good practice. I read aloud even the sentences without audio for that reason too. My cat stares at me wondering what's going on but it helps!

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