"Ki áll az ajtó előtt? Valamilyen Péter."

Translation:Who is standing in front of the door? Péter something.

September 13, 2016



The clearer translation would be "some Peter". Not better translation, but easier to understand, what "valamilyen" means.

November 21, 2016


Who is standing in front of the door? Peter something. -- what is about

September 13, 2016


I didn't understand his last name. His first name is Péter. Péter something (I don't know).
Btw, in Hungarian, the actual first name is the family name ("vezetéknév"), and the "first" or given name comes last. So that's why the Hungarian says "valamilyen Péter".

September 21, 2016


If I ever leave Duo you will get all my lingots in recognition of your contribution to the comments section of this course; having said that, you will perhaps need them with 11 languages on the go!

February 24, 2018


I think that the English equivalent is "Peter somebody"

September 2, 2017


I think so too, it would be the equivalent in german (translated of course) and it sounds more right

March 16, 2019


This translation makes no sense, the only way it would is if "something" was Peter's last name.

February 14, 2017


'Peter (something)'. In English if we don't know a last name we just make it 'something' (because it is, well, something.

August 12, 2017


How would you say 'Who is standing at the front door?' When I first read it, I thought this is what it meant.

April 6, 2017


"Ki áll a bejárati ajtónál?" And yes, that is the supposed meaning of the original sentence.

July 25, 2017


I also said "Peter somebody", as that is what one would normally say, but it was not accepted.

May 4, 2019
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