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"Who is shouting in front of the store?"

Translation:Ki kiabál az üzlet előtt?

September 13, 2016



"Ki az üzlet előtt kiabál?" - would this word order be uncommon/incorrect?


Yes, wrong. Good: Az üzlet előtt ki kiabál?


How does word order work in this case? Why doesn't "Ki kiabál elott az uzlet" work?


Prepositions are placed after the noun or give them a suffix ( -on, -en, -ön, -ből, -nél ect )

The garage is behind the house. - A garázs a ház mögött van.

The sofa is between the lamp and the armchair. - A kanapé a lámpa és a karosszék között van.

The car is in front of the house. - Az autó a ház előtt van.

The book is on the table. - A könyv az asztalon van.


"Előtt" is a postposition in Hungarian. It comes after the noun.


I got this as multiple choice in a "repair" type exercise, except instead of üzlet it had the word "bolt" which I've never seen before. Is that another word for store?

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Yes, bolt is another word for store/shop. It is a frequent word, it's a shame it is missing from the Duolingo course...

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