"Who is shouting in front of the store?"

Translation:Kik kiabálnak az üzlet előtt?

September 13, 2016

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"Ki az üzlet előtt kiabál?" - would this word order be uncommon/incorrect?


Yes, wrong. Good: Az üzlet előtt ki kiabál?


"ki", "hol", "mit" and such words must be right in front of the thing being asked about. In this case: "who is shouting", so you must have "ki kiabál" together.


I got this as multiple choice in a "repair" type exercise, except instead of üzlet it had the word "bolt" which I've never seen before. Is that another word for store?


Yes, bolt is another word for store/shop. It is a frequent word, it's a shame it is missing from the Duolingo course...


How does word order work in this case? Why doesn't "Ki kiabál elott az uzlet" work?


Prepositions are placed after the noun or give them a suffix ( -on, -en, -ön, -ből, -nél ect )

The garage is behind the house. - A garázs a ház mögött van.

The sofa is between the lamp and the armchair. - A kanapé a lámpa és a karosszék között van.

The car is in front of the house. - Az autó a ház előtt van.

The book is on the table. - A könyv az asztalon van.


"Előtt" is a postposition in Hungarian. It comes after the noun.


"ki kiabál" must be together since that's what the question is about. "az üzlet előtt" must be together since the article (az) must be in front of the noun, and the adposition (előtt) must be behind the noun (aka postposition).

So your only two options are:
[ki kiabál] [az üzlet előtt]
[az üzlet előtt] [ki kiabál]

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