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Finding corrections to multiple choice statements

When there are 3 choices of possible correct statements in Spanish, I often make mistakes but I don't see any way to look up what my mistakes are or why certain statements are right or wrong. Am I missing something?

March 2, 2012



Example? It always says at the bottom why a particular wrong answer was wrong. You may also hover over words to see their translation before continuing.


It doesn't actually. It shows which answer is correct but not why my other choice is wrong. For example: 1Yo como pescado. 2Yo cocino pescado. 3Yo cocino carne.

I chose the first 2. I get an answer "oops that's wrong -Yo cocino pescado is the correct translation". 1. Yo como pescado is wrong but there is no way to find out why. I'd like to be able to see why my answer is wrong so I don't make the same mistake again


I assume the multiple choice is meant to be like a test.

After clicking CHECK you get "Oops, that’s wrong. Correct translation:" at the bottom.

Before clicking CONTINUE, you can hover over each word in the "Correct translation" section. The translations of each word will show you why it's right (ex: Yo = I; como = eat, pescado = fish). From this, you learn that cocino does not = eat and that carne does not = fish.


Thanks for your answers guys. I appreciate it. I just wish I could see why my wrong answers were wrong as well. You can learn a lot from mistakes and without info on why a given answer is incorrect, I have no way to correct the problem and get it right the next time.


For example (this one just came up):

1Yo cocino el pollo. 2Cocino el arroz. 3El arroz es mío.

I marked one and two as correct. Only 2 is correct but there is no way to find out why number one is wrong.


Sometimes the wrong multiple choices contain words or phrasing that we haven't learned yet. Just stick with learning the right answers and why they are right. All you need to know about 1 and 3 is that they do not translate to "I cook the rice"

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