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  5. "הילדה בוחרת עוגה אחרת."

"הילדה בוחרת עוגה אחרת."

Translation:The girl chooses a different cake.

September 13, 2016



I would translate this as "The girl chooses another cake" (not accepted, reported). Saying "a different cake" is ambiguous, it could mean just another cake (what the Hebrew sentence means), but it could also mean a cake that's somehow different (e.g. of a different type), which could be implied in this Hebrew sentence, but you'd probably say עוגה שונה or עוגה מסוג אחר or something.


But "another" in English often means "yet another" or "one more, an additional one". Does אחר have this meaning in Hebrew, too?


Well, you mean a second helping of the same stuff instead of changing from butter cake to biscuit cake or replace a piece of cake fallen onto the floor. I would rather say עוֹד עוּגָה yet another cake for this.


Reported the non-acceptance of the answer


Yan Nasonov (Ynhockey), I disagree. There's more ambiguity in the answer that you prefer than in the recommended answer.

Saying "a different cake" implies a desire for an alternative, rather than an addition, to one that had been considered previously. Although it makes no implication about the nature of the difference, doing so is not its purpose, because this isn't the entire story, so that is merely an omission, not an ambiguity.
Saying "another cake" IS ambiguous as to whether the girl rejects the first cake or chooses an additional one; and in either case, it has the same omission of information about the new choice.

2020-10-07 rich739183


בַּחוּרָה בּוֹחֶרֶת עוּגָה אַחֶרֶת


Here you can notice that בָּחַר and בַּחוּרָה probably come from the same root, because a young, unmarried בָּחוּר (litterally "a chosen one") is eligible to become a soldier.


I also answered "The girl chooses another cake " and it was not accepted.


Tongue twister? :)

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