"Yes, I speak Greek!"

Translation:Ναι, μιλάω ελληνικά!

September 13, 2016

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What's the difference between saying μιλω and μιλαω?


No difference at all~


Are they regional differences or dialect differences? Are there any connotations to one vs the other? Thanks!


Well in some dialects ''μιλώ'' is prefered more than ''μιλάω'' which is completely absent in some cases. Though it seems standard modern greek favors the usage of ''μιλάω'' Other than that both are understood and accepted.


This does not add much to the discussion, but when we are talking about regional differences, according to my Cypriot friends, in their dialect, μιλώ seems to be used more or less all the time and μιλάω is seen as more Attic Greek. I know, my sources are "my friends told me", but isoglosses like these always intrigue me, and if more native speakers have different experiences relating to this small but interesting difference, I am always happy to follow the discussion. :-) Ευχαριστώ πολύ!


Hello ^.^/~Yes in Cyprus they use''μιλώ'' actually i never heard a Cyrpiot using the other haha. More or less the cypriot dialect uses an older form of the greek language... with a lot of changes of course. I like the differences too, though it is a little difficult to include dialect variations to the discussions since most people are interesting just in learning the standard language.


Thank you for sharing that. Yes, I love this kind of information too.


I was told once that μιλώ was just a contraction of μιλάω and they could be used interchangeably.


Yes, both are used and correct for this sentence.


I thought you had to use the article for languages? So, I put "Ναι, μιλάω τα Ελληνικά!" and it was marked correct but I was surprised to see "Ναι, μιλάω Ελληνικά!" is also accepted. Is it optional whether or not to use the article when saying you speak a language, or, what's the difference, if there is one?


I wonder how to recognize the i, υ, η.... Ι always choose the wrong one. Are there any rules?


Well, on Duo the best way is to follow the hints which show you the words and eventually you'll get used to which letter is used.


I've typed this sentence correctly and still saying I'm wrong???




This is the Greek Forum with more information.


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