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"Milyen vonatokat vársz, pirosakat vagy feketéket?"

Translation:What kind of trains are you waiting for, red ones or black ones?

September 13, 2016



I think, red or black ones is ok. Two ones doesn't sound good.


Why not ''Milyenek''?


Because it's an attributive adjective - it belongs to "vonatok". Everything that has to be marked (case, possession, plural) is marked on the noun solely. This is unlike predicative adjectives that don't belong to a noun (milyenek a vonatok - what are the trains like) - they indeed do all sorts of things that a noun would, they basically fill the role of a noun, in the absence of a noun.


Why is "What kind of trains do you wait for, red ones or black ones" not correct?


It is correct. Accepted it. 2020.07.02.


Érdekes. Van aki a színük szerint várja a vonatokat.


"for" is not needed in the English for the sentence to be correct


Yes it is. One is either in a state of repose with no particular end or reason. Or one is waiting for something (or someone). In this case there is a something.


I know its not perfect english, but alot of people say they are "waiting on" something, not "waiting for."


2x ones? that is só not English! Please make the course more accurate....

Same as that the person words like én, te, ö ök, önök mi and ti also not frequently used in Hungarian

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