"Csak ezekhez a teknősökhöz mennek a holland turisták."

Translation:The Dutch tourists go only to these turtles.

September 13, 2016

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About a month ago I had to step away from Hungrian Duolingo at about this point in the course. My progress came to a screeching halt with all the convoluted, complicated, bizarre sentences. My spirit was crushed. Since then, I have returned but have only been doing review. Finally, I'm almost back to where I left off and once again feeling crushed. For those of you who have progressed further in the course, please tell me it's just a difficult hump to get over!


Part of the hump is the newness of the site. The authors haven't noticed all the possible English translations. I got discouraged for a while too, despite being in an advanced Hungarian class in my city and being a retired Spanish and French teacher! There's a great book called "A Practical Hungarian Grammar" which may help to clear up some confusion. We use it in our Hungarian class.


Thanks for the tip. I just ordered a used copy of the book (it's out of print). Looking forward to checking it out.


I am feeling this way a little myself -- glad to know I'm not alone! I have been enjoying my progress very much until now, but from here the answers are so much more nit-picky than they have been, and often in unnatural sounding English. I'm also hoping that it is just a matter of time before all the variations/nuances are accounted for.


I am experiencing the same thing, just when I think they can't come up with a more bizarre sentence, boom.


No shopping, no hotels -- just turtles! Wow!


So far I've learnt how to talk about flying kindergarten teachers, turtles, whales, Mongolian sales clerks etc. I haven't learnt how to talk about my relatives and friends or how to order a coffee, ask for milk or sugar, book a hotel room, buy a bus ticket, but I'm still hopeful that these topics will appear at some stage.


While I am glad none of these are covered. Most are just phrases you memorize without understanding the underlying structure of the language. I admit to having been a "guess from context" type of reader. With these weird sentences I have to actually understand what is being said!


I agree. I find these weird sentences exasperating too, but It definitely helps to analyze the sentence and pick up that underlying structure.


And hence my temporary boycott of this Hungarian course and gleeful embrace of the Spanish program.


I have felt super frustrated at certain points here too--mostly when I get stuck having to memorize which of the possible translations will be accepted just to get through a lesson. Even if I report them and they're later accepted, it can feel like banging your head to complete certain sections. I do feel like I'm making a lot of progress in my Hungarian, though, from all the repetition, getting used to what "sounds right" rather than too much explanation in English, which I get from some of my other learning sources.


Regrettably, for some unknown reason, the developers of this course continue in their efforts to generate near-meaningless sentences for us to translate.

Moreover, even with such odd sentences, there is no latitude given with respect to correct, albeit alternate translations. "The Dutch tourists just go to these turtles" was rejected.

As this course continues to be a work in progress, presumably the feedback will result in this Beta version eventually making it to "prime time" and our patience will be worth the struggle.

Back to work. Thank you, ~ Max


I had "Dutch tourists" instead of "the Dutch tourists". I interpreted this sentence as a general sentence, but it seems that you cannot.


Unless it is a national habit for Dutch people, I would say this sentence sounds more specific. :)


Actually it is. They fly to Curacao just to swim with turtles, even if there are other fish there too.


Then it needs to be reported, for sure.


I rather let contributors deal with more serious corrections. I'll suggest this sentence for the Dutch course.


The Dutch course is too busy with important ducks! And rhinoceroses!


There’s little difference between just to these turtles, and only these turtles, yet just is marked wrong. The tips on hover say just with no mention of only.


the machine, who speaks to a person, trying hard to learn this language, kills nearly every motivation - because the content is very hard to understand. And, most of it, the system is very poor, the voice sucks as the text is just falling out of the speakers, and it makes it very logic to look for another learning platform. This voice sucks!


Watch the difference: the Dutch tourists are going ONLY to the turtles. ( who says that: going only,.. ..I wrote here: The Dutch tourists are just going to the turtles! Sounds better to my ears♡ But: it is WRONG.....


"the dutch tourists go just to these turtles" is not accepted. Why?

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