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Unknown user following my students activity and I cannot block social features

Hi fellow DuoLingo instructors,

We have a problem with a user who started following many of my students at the school. I attempted to disable the social media features but unfortunately that only works for students within your class, not ones who added you for tracking using their personal accounts. Is there anyway I can block this feature on these accounts or for anyone I am tracking?

A. Toor

September 13, 2016



You can block the social media features for anyone who's a member of one of your classes. It doesn't matter whether they created their accounts in your school building, or in their house, or if you created their accounts for them. As long as they're a member of one of your classes, you can still untick "enable social profile" in the privacy settings of whichever classroom you've put them in.


Each student can block the unknown person. (https://www.duolingo.com/comment/11988550)

I can't recall if that will prevent the person from following your students or not, but it will prevent the person from writing messages to your students on their activity streams.

Other than that all you can do is report any untoward behavior to a moderator (https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13007546)


Just to confirm what you said, Lrtward, blocking will prevent the person from writing messages on any activity the student is involved in on the activity stream, but not in the forums. And it will prevent them the person from following the student; however, the person would still be able to see any activity of the student if they were to click on the student's profile.

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