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  5. "έψιλον Ελένη"

"έψιλον Ελένη"

Translation:epsilon Eleni

September 13, 2016



Oops, we have to guess if it is the letter or the word. I wrote "Ε Ελένι" and Duolingo asks for the word "έψιλον". But there are other exercises where asks for the letter and not the word.


έψιλον is the letter E


Right as Athena says. And there are many Eng. versions of Ελενη. check the hover.


Not sure if the teachers have time to read the discussions, but since there is nowhere to explain when reporting, I just wanted to say that the reason I have reported so many times today that "the correct solution has an error" is that when the exercise is audio, there is no way to know whether to type έψιλον Ελένη or ε Ελένη, το κακό ταυ or το κακό τ, etc. So I think both answers should be accepted.


P.S. Thank you for all the work you do in providing the course!


Wish I could upvote more than once!


How am I supposed to know that they want εψσιλον spelled out here? Other activities count it wrong if you don't just give the letter.


what? would that not translate to "A Helen?"


Technically, it would translate to epsilon Eleni, but In english, we would say epsilon Helen, because the letters Ελένη would be Eleni, Eleni and Helen are both correct answers.


Some of the exercises will let u have either letter or word. I have done some twice and they take both.!

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