"A hegyek közé utazunk, egy kicsi, de szép osztrák városba."

Translation:We travel among the mountains, to a small, but beautiful Austrian city.

September 13, 2016

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This is a wrong translation - among the mountains means hegyek KÖZÖTT UTAZUNK and into the mountains a hegyek közé utazunk.


why not "into" a "little" .....?


It sounds good to me. I mean, replacing "among" with "into". Hungarian can also say "a hegyekbe...". Actually, it sounds more normal to me.

I would also replace "city" with "town".

But "to a town" sounds good, it does not need to be "into". However, Hungarian uses "-ba". Different logic.


But if the entire journey is in a mountainous area, you could not say "a hegyekbe". I do agree, though, that "town" is better than "city" for a small place. In British English the criterion for a city is that it must have a cathedral. Otherwise it's a town.


Isn't -be/ba supposed to imply movement "into" something? Why would using "into" instead of "to" result in a wrong answer?


That is incorrect, for e.g. you don't say in English the following sentence: I am going into New York. <- this sounds strange isn't it? The hungarian sentence is correct though, we use it this way (New Yorkba megyek - I am going TO New York.)


Might as well ask here... When to use the post-position vs. circum-position? For example in this case, why not something like “Mi közé a hegyek közé utazunk....” (My grasp of Hungarian is minimal, so I’m just trying to understand not argue that it should be as I’ve suggested here.) Maybe there are lessons that I don’t have access to on my mobile phone, so I gotta ask somewhere. Cheers.


use double közé if there is this or that in the English sentence, and use only one postposition for the

now with mellett:

a hegy mellett - next to the mountain

a mellett a hegy mellett - next to that mountain

e mellett a hegy mellett - next to this mountain


a hegyek mellett - next to the mountains

azok mellett a hegyek mellett - next to those mountains

ezek mellett a hegyek mellett - next to these mountains

There are Tips and Notes in the website version, so check the website version too!


Nagyon köszönöm. (Apologies for the beginner-level question.)


In this sentence I like "town" better.


Fully agree! If they "kicsi", then it's a town, there are no small cities.


I got this one wrong simply because I wrote hills instead of mountains.


I agree with your response in the inconsistency of Duolingo. I got dinged in another lesson when I wrote mountain and they accepted hill.


Why isn't "town" accepted as a translation for "város" here? I mean, as far as "kicsi" goes...


It should be accepted.


We travel through mountains, unless we are talking about hiking and wandering around the mountains.

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