"He wears a shirt"

Translation:Αυτός φοράει ένα πουκάμισο

September 13, 2016

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Jaye16 - I have been using the English keyboard letters to translate the English sentences into Greek ones. I find this helps me "get" the sound and with pronunciation. DL seems to have stopped allowing this. Is it possible for DL to allow both the use of English letters and Greek letters? Thank you.


Εγραψα μπλούζα και το πήρε λαθος χαχα κρίμα


Yes, we call a πουκάμισο something with buttons down the front. A μπλούζα you usually pull over your head. I'll see if I can add μπούζα as am alternative. Ok, it's added. But in En. it would be shirt not blouse.

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