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"המכונית שלי התפוצצה לפני יומיים."

Translation:My car exploded two days ago.

September 13, 2016



Isn't יומיים a dual form of יום? Then the translation should be "My car exploded two days ago", right?


Yeah my question exactly! Shouldn't this be reported? :)


I agree! I think it's an oversight.


4:  an indefinite small number :  FEW -- a couple of days ago



couplenoun US ​ /ˈkʌp·əl/

couple noun (SOME)

two or a few things that are similar or the same, or two or a few people who are in some way connected:

I’m packing a couple of sweaters in case it gets cold.



I've literally never heard it used that way. A couple is two and three or more is a few, in my experience, like we call two people a couple.

... According to Oxford, that's an informal usage, which makes sense to me at least in the UK. I can't imagine why anyone would use couple for three or more when we already have words for that and it renders "couple" less precise in meaning. How strange.


It must be another example of the difference between UK English and US English.


I'm with flootzavut on this one. A couple refers to two. If it refers to more than two it's because you meant approximately two. But the meaning of a couple is two.


you're absolutely right! your translation is perfect (native Hebrew speaker)


In English "exploded" would be more literal than saying "my car blew up two days ago" which can mean "my car broke down two days ago."


From the words I had to choose from, I had to translate יומיים as a couple of days. I only previously thought of it meaning two days. A couple of days feels too variable/less defined as a translation.


A couple of days literally means two days.


A couple means a pair. Days don't ordinarily come in pairs, so "a couple of days" is not taken literally. When a number is not taken literally, it is taken as approximate. But approximately two means two plus or minus a fraction and people don't like fractions, so approximately two isn't taken literally either. That's why a couple of days means a few days.


Maybe in the UK, but not in the US.


It literally means that everywhere I'm from the US. Sometimes we say a couple to mean more than two but the literal meaning has always been two and I use it that way in speech


Should not have left those sticks of dynamite inside it.


This sentence completes day 613 for me in my Duolingo streak. Most of you know that 613 is a very significant number for Jews, the number of Commandments in the Torah. That's how I feel right now, as if I had completed all 613 Commandments. Fun to complete that with an exercise that has several amusing posts. So thank all of you who participate. Dec. 19, 2019.


Cause it happens regularly in Israel?


It doesn't really.


lol, then why does duolingo consider this important to learn?


Oh, Duo does that. :-) Check out the Facebook hashtag #ShitDuoSays if you haven't already... a plethora of bears wearing people's dresses, men in refrigerators and people confessing to be bananas.


Remind me not to use Duolingo in the airport security line.


People say weird things, just so long as it is grammatically correct people know it may be dumb.


May be, but it is always a FRENCH car. :-) French are simply the best in making explosive vehicles. I give them THREE lingots! Right?


I thought you were referring to the Abutbul crime family at first…

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