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When you finish a language course, do you get some form of certificate?

When you finish a course do you get some form of verification or a certificate that you can use in a college application?

February 6, 2013



One day, your level on Duolingo will be THE standard for knowledge of a second language. One day.


no but the grammar you understand and the minimum vocabulary should serve you well for real college courses making it very easy.


I agree but college faculties are not so likely to. I'm sure you could mention it on an application to some good effect, but not as any sort of official qualification.


You get the Joy of finishing Duolingo.


Nicely said :D


I'm not sure it would amount to much for a college reviewer even if they did give us certificates, seeing as how, if you want, you can peek your way through every stage. It's not like a pay course, even if it may be just as helpful in many ways, it won't be looked upon the same way by the academic circle.

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