"Ellos leen los diarios."

Translation:They read the newspapers.

5 years ago

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Yeah, it is a bit strange to add an "-s" to newspaper to me. But I still added it anyway. NOTE:

If you haven't noticed by now?

You can report strange oddities to Duoling by pressing the Report Problem button that is located right beside the comment button.

5 years ago


why is that strange? they might be reading more than one newspaper

3 years ago


You knew when you started this portion of the lesson that you would be learning and practicing "plurals". ;P

4 years ago


I can't hear the "n" at the end of "lean"--is that a standard pronunciation thing I should be aware of? Silent "n's"?

5 years ago


Don't fully trust a software. Leen sounds as you expect each individual letter to sound (in a phonetic level).

5 years ago


I thought "newspaper" was "periodico" so put "diaries" instead of "newspapers"

5 years ago


You know there are multiple words that means the same thing. Newspaper = diario, periodico Diario= diary, newspaper

3 years ago


They counted me wrong for using periodicos in place of diarios.??

5 years ago

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Most of the Spanish speakers I have met use periodicos. Diario (journal) is not something I hear as often. Which regional Spanish is it from?

4 years ago


I agree. Periodico is more common among speakers I hear, although I hear Mexican Spanish most often.

4 years ago
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